In response to the latest attempt by extreme Georgia Republicans to attack abortion rights for women and families by introducing two bills that would ban abortion before most women even know they’re pregnant and a total ban should the Supreme Court overturn Roe, NARAL Pro-Choice Georgia State Director, Laura Simmons released the following statement:


“Republicans continue to neglect healthcare access in our state and are letting women die by taking no action to address our maternal mortality crisis. Instead, they choose to play politics for an extreme fringe in their base by attacking abortion access once again. Their lack of compassion for women, families, and all of our shared humanity tells you everything you need to know about their so called “pro-life” and “pro-family” values. NARAL and our members are ready to fight tooth and nail against these cruel and unconstitutional proposals.”


NARAL members are keeping the pressure on and holding the line to make sure Georgians have access to reproductive health care, including access to abortion and affordable contraception across the state. This week in light of the attacks on reproductive rights, over 50 members gathered to take action, writing 80 heartfelt letters to lawmakers asking them to stand up for reproductive freedom. NARAL will continue to mobilize members and volunteers in the state to fight for the reproductive freedom during the legislative session and beyond.

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