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We asked NARAL Pro-Choice Georgia members to share their stories with us and tell us why reproductive freedom matters to them. Here’s some of what our members had to say: 


“Black women are complex and nuanced and should not be legislated by political bodies who don’t understand periods” -Michelle, 27


“As a survivor of sexual assault I know that women don’t always report their assault. They should not be penalized for that if they need to avail themselves of an abortion” -Kenyetta


#HB481 makes an exception for survivors if and only if they file a police report of their assault. This clause is very dangerous and irrational due to many not wanting to relive that trauma out of fear of not being believed or shamed.” -Kinyatah, 23


“As a Christian woman, I believe God intentionally trusted women with the power and privilege of child bearing. Women MUST be given autonomy over their bodies!” -Meredith, 22


“I spent a long, hard time to get my PhD so that I could become a scientist and help people. An unplanned pregnancy could have derailed me[…]now at the point in my life where I’m ready to have a child, I want other young women to have the choices I did.” -Rachel


“When women have control of our bodies, we have control of our futures. Reproductive freedom means economic freedom. For those who voted for #HB481, women will not forget. We will reclaim our state & vote in women’s advocates who support our future &  trust our choices.” -Allison


“A woman’s right to make decisions about her body should be hers alone. I have two girls and I want them to be able to make whatever decision they feel is best regarding their own bodies. If they take away our basic right to make these decisions — what else will they take from us? It has to stop. My vision for all states is that we recognize human rights, not just women’s rights. We should always fight for our rights.” -Lesha, 36


“I come from a large Irish, Catholic family. My mother has nine siblings. It is very difficult for parents to raise that many children and I’ve seen what happens to children that are unwanted. No woman should be forced to carry a child, regardless of their circumstances. It is harmful for everyone involved.” -Nora, 17


“I am here because safe legal reproductive health choices have saved the lives of some of the women in my family.” -Dana, 54


As someone whose mother gave birth to her first child a few days after turning 22, I saw firsthand throughout childhood challenges that young and unprepared parents face. I’ve got two sisters whose reproductive rights are jeopardized by this heinous legislation. I’m supporting NARAL for women’s reproductive rights everywhere.” -Brandon, 27


“I believe in a Georgia where women and families prosper. Where women are empowered and supported to not only make their own decisions, about their bodies and about so much more, but also looked to as leaders for the future. I believe in electing more smart, dedicated, and compassionate women who we can rally around to fight for change and to move us forward.” -Melina, 34

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