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One hundred and twenty-six Georgia lawmakers have no regard for the lives of Georgian women. We know this because they played politics with our rights by voting to pass HB 481 — Georgia’s extreme ban on abortion.

Because of their vote to pass this bill, women who have a miscarriage or abortion could be thrown in jail.

Women don’t deserve to pay the price for politicians’ extreme ideological agenda. 

We’re launching digital ads attacking the so-called “representatives” whose extremism is wildly out-of-touch with the majority of Georgians who don’t believe in criminalizing abortion. To start, we’re targeting these EIGHT lawmakers — Reps. Bert Reeves (HD-34), Ed Setzler (HD-35), Matt Dollar (HD-45), John Carson (HD-46), Bonnie Rich (HD-97), Chuck Efstration (HD-104), Rep. Houston Gaines (HD-117), and Dale Rutledge (HD-109)  whose votes allowed the passage of this dangerous ban, with ads like this one letting Georgians know about their extreme stances on abortion:

We’re making sure Georgians will remember these votes for what they are — attacks on our fundamental freedoms. We are the true majority — the 7 in 10 — and we won’t let these attacks go unchallenged.

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